Kroc Summer Camp

Welcome to Kroc Center Summer Camp 2024. We are so excited that you would consider spending some of your summer with us! The goal of this page is to provide information about KSC 2024 including dates, times, prices and policies. By providing this information, we hope to ensure you are informed about what the Kroc Center can offer your camper this summer.
There is a small caveat; we are still in the planning stages of Summer Camp, so we will wait to share information about specific camp activities and field trips until we finalize it. Thank you for your patience! 

Anyway, without further ado… 

Kroc Summer Camp will begin on 6/10/2024 and last for 8 weeks meaning the last day of camp will be 8/2/20234. Registration for Kroc Summer Camp will open on Monday, February 12, 2024, at 9am. Camp registration cost must be paid for in full, at the time of registration.

Week 1:
6.10.2024 – 6.14.2024  
The Kroc Olympics  
Week 2:
6.17.2024 – 6.21.2024  
Superhero Week  
Week 3:
6.24.2024 – 6.28.2024  
Animal Week  
Week 4:
7.1.2024 – 7.3.2024  
Book & Movie Week
Week 5:
7.8.2024 – 7.12.2024  
Community Week  
Week 6:
7.15.2024 – 7.19.2024  
Nature Week
Week 7:
7.22.2024 – 7.26.2024  
Music & Fine Art Week  
Week 8:
7.29.2024 – 8.2.2024  
End of Camp Party!  

Camp Schedule 

Campers can be dropped off at The Kroc Center as early as 7:30am. Programmed camp activities last from 9am – 5pm. Campers must be picked up by 5:30pm. 

We will host five groups of campers at The Kroc this summer: 

Group 1 Age 518 Campers
Group 2Age 6-724 Campers
Group 3 Age 7-824 Campers
Group 4Age 9-1020 Campers
Group 5Age 11-1220 Campers
Parents/guardians can register for Kroc Summer Camp one week at a time, so please register your camper for the group matching their age at the start of that week. 

Scholarship Information 

There will be a limited number of scholarships available for Kroc Summer Camp. Scholarship recipients will receive a 50% discount/ week of camp (for up to 8 weeks of summer camp). If you are interested in a scholarship for Kroc Summer Camp, we strongly encourage you to complete and submit the scholarship application form as soon as possible. Summer Camp scholarship places are allocated on a first come, first served basis so completing, submitting and being approved for a Kroc Center scholarship before camp registration opens may help you to secure a spot.

The Kroc Scholarship form can be found here- 

Please ensure you are completing the program scholarship form, not the membership form. 

All questions regarding scholarship should be directed to The Kroc Center’s Membership Manager- Themba Mzumara- [email protected]. 

If approved for a Kroc Center Camp scholarship, recipients will need to submit a 10% deposit at the time of approval to secure their spots. 


Price per week: $155 (Members) 

Price per week: $180 (Non-Members) 

For non-scholarship campers, please remember that all camp fees must be paid at the time of registration. There is no additional cost for early drop off (7:30am – 9am) or late pick up (5pm – 5:30pm). 

Dining Options 

This year, the Kroc Center is applying to be a distribution site for USDA’s Summer Food Service Program. If our application is successful, we will be able to provide lunch at no additional cost for all campers. However, we cannot submit this application until the middle of February and there is no way to know whether we will be accepted.  

If we are not approved for the Summer Food Service Program, campers can choose between bringing their own sack lunch or purchasing a lunch ticket from The Kroc Center which will cost $25/week. 

We apologize for not having a conclusive answer about lunch for camp, we just wanted to be as transparent as possible to ensure you, as prospective camp parents/ guardians are kept informed. We will update this page as we progress in the application process. 

Breakfast options and a midday snack will be made available to all campers.  

Other Information 

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our awesome team and working as a Camp Counselor, please visit jobs. 

Week 4 of camp will only last for three days due to 4th July holiday. Camp will be in session only Monday – Wednesday. The price of Week 4 of camp will reflect this.  

This year, we are aiming to go on a field trip every week! We will update this page as we begin to confirm those trips. 

If your camper has been to Kroc Summer Camp, their favorite activities will be back! If you have never been to The Kroc Center or your camper has not attended camp, please feel free to stop by The Kroc Center at any time to take a tour and/ or talk with one of our staff members.  

If you do sign up for Kroc Summer Camp, and as we get closer to summer, a lot more information will be shared with you! 

With any additional questions, please reach out to our team via [email protected]. 

We are so excited to see you this summer! 🙂